Yin and Yang in March / April

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The first reference to Yin and Yang appears on the “I Ching” or the Book of Changes around 700 B.C..  It states that all phenomena can be reduced to the dicotomy of Yin / Yang.  Astrology is no exception.

Yin is connected with Earth and Water whereas Yang is connected with Fire and Air.

Yin – Earth/ Water                  Yan – Fire / Air
Passive principle
Produces form
Night / Shadow
North and West
Listening / Introversion
Samuel Barber Adagio for Strings
Active principle
Produces energy
Day / Light
South and East
Speaking / Extroversion
Richard Strauss “Also Sprach Zarathustra”

According to the distribution of planets into yin or yang signs some people are more at ease in one of these worlds. There are also cultures that heavily favor one side. It is much easier to be yin in Japan than in the USA. Activities characteristically Japanese  such as the tea ritual, zen gardens strolls to facilitate meditation, patiently folding origami to achieve the perfect shape, are in essence yin. In USA action is privileged, speed, aggression, and the yin characteristics are seen as weaknesses.

This dichotomy reflects the order of the Universe, its interdependence, one cannot be without the other. When the night ends, the day begins and spring follows winter.  In astrology, when Pisces ends Aries begins.

There are times that where this is evident.  There was an exceptional concentration of planets in Pisces on  the 10th and 11th of March, which being a yin sign  it was advisable to meditate, pray, empathize, dream, wander and float .

Today, under an Aries New Moon, the situation is very different. The New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are together in the same degree of celestial longitude. They are both in Aries and with them also Venus, Mars and Uranus.


Aries, being the first, is the most yang of all signs. If Pisces is symbolic of the amniotic fluid, Ram is the cry of the newborn. It is the sign that loudly says “I AM!”, “I WILL”. Who am I and where am I going are questions for other signs. Aries is the affirmation of being, absolute, direct, without hesitation. It is the Nike ad “Just do it!”.

ChartNew Moon

The energy of Aries is joined by the energy of the New Moon which is the beginning of a cycle that repeats itself every 29 days. New Moon in Aries is a double dose of beginning at solar and lunar level. It is time to look with confidence to the future, the possibilities ahead. We are “Beginners”, and despite our usual problems, the Universe invites us to look at them with new eyes, to seek new solutions. No big long-term plans, the immediacy of the Ram requires action that can be implemented now.

During this week  Sun and Mars orbit side by side culminating on the April 17 day giving us all strength, self-reliance, courage and will to act.

Wisdom is the balance between yin and yang, but during this months  let’s use the cosmic push to quit treading water and “just do it”.

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