Wonders of Astrocartography –the World Cup (still) and the Ukraine

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: about 3 minutes.

Mundane Astrology is the study of the impact of planetary motions in global, national  or collective events. For this type of astrology we avail ourselves to the horoscopes of nations, the charts of solstices and equinoxes as well as charts of eclipses and the New Moon and Full Moon.

The basis of personal astrology is the chart drawn at the time and from the place of birth. The horoscopes of nations are, in most cases, very speculative, because it is difficult to identify the exact time of the birth of a sovereign state. The solstices and equinoxes charts, also called ingress charts, (they are drawn for the moment when the Sun “enters” cardinal signs- Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn -) are very accurate, as well as the charts of  eclipses and lunations.

Based on these charts, we can apply the technique of Astrocartography which shows where on earth certain energies are stronger and, therefore, more present in the world stage in the form of news and events.

Brazil and the World Cup

The World Cup gave Brazil lots of notoriety.  To check the predominant energies operating in Brazil we look at the astrocartography of the moment when the Sun enters the sign of Aries,  March 20, 2014, at 16:54 GMT, the equinox  preceding the start of the event.

BrasilThe energy lines that intersect just south of Rio de Janeiro are:

• Jupiter on the ascendant in opposition to Pluto on the Descendant, which symbolizes the enormous cost of the Cup’s infrastructure financed at the expense of the public debt.

• In addition, we have Mars on the IC, which translates into demonstrations and violence against the Government.  Whatever planet is on the IC has the potential to be expressed as an opposition to the MC (Government).

Actually, before the matches began, these were the major in the news concerning Brazil.

The World Cup Final  

Can mundane astrology and Astrocartography have something to say about the World Cup Final?

The final match was played on July 13 between the national teams of Argentina and Germany. The previous day at 11:25 am GMT there was a full moon. The astrocartography of that lunation reveals the power of this astrological technique.

A finalCrossing Argentina, we have the Sun on the ascendant, representing the national pride possibly regarding the cup. However, very close to the Sun line and near the capital, Buenos Aires, we have Saturn, the energy of difficulty, of obstacles. Jupiter (the opposite energy to Saturn) is also in the picture, which might be interpreted as energy that overcomes obstacles.  Further south, still within the borders of Argentina, we have Pluto (the destroyer) on the Descendant, the significator  of the opponent.

Checking now at the same lunation in Germany, we have a much more positive outlook. The line of the Sun on the Midheaven meaning that the World Cup is at its highest point, showing its brilliance to the world. The competition is the World Cup… The Moon line represents the collective emotions of the Germans is at its strongest point. The line of Uranus on the Descendant shows an opponent that is unpredictable, but it may surprise or behave erratically.

We know how it ended …  Neither team scored for almost 120 minutes, the Cup could go either way, and at the very end Germany won, destroying Argentina’s dreams.

The Ukraine

And now what about one the hot spots of the globe? The recent incident with the Malaysian Airlines flight exacerbated the geo political game in the region.

UcraniaTurning to the ingress chart of the Sun in Cancer, June 21, at 10:51 am GMT, we have Pluto on the IC,  very close to the capital, Kiev, symbolizing destruction in the homeland. Right on Donetsk, where the plane was shot down, we can see the line of Mars on the ascendant representing “I am aggressive, I shoot “. Close by is the energy of Uranus. The combination of these two planets means sudden violence or accidents caused by rash actions. Regardless of who launched the missile, this combination says it all.

Passengers and crew of flight MH 17 RIP.

Can we use astrocartography as single forecasting technique in mundane astrology? I do not think so. Astrology is too complex, but every time I delve into astrocartography I find a positive echo, therefore, in my work I use it frequently with my clients.  And, as always, I get more questions than answers.


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