Why did you become an astrologer?

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: about 3 minutes.

This is a question that I am asked often by clients, friends and acquaintances.  My answer depends on their level of understanding of astrology, how much time I have and obviously my mood.  It can have elements of esoterism, spirituality, technicalities of my own chart, etc.

However, the short version is…. because of my son.

Here is the complete story: My son was a difficult child.  I could never establish a schedule, he wanted to eat and sleep whenever he felt like it, did not sleep for long periods of time.  When he was 4/5 years old, I started to worry about his behavior.  Fights with the other kids had an extra streak of violence. His games were dangerous –how many kids that see a Tarzan movie actually tie a rope to the banister and slide down 30 ft? Every request I made, every order that I gave such as “get dressed it is time for school” had the potential to turn into a confrontation, a full-fledged battle. He always wanted to have the last word. When not in battle he was a sweet kid.  And for security, instead of a blanket, he carried around a lace handkerchief later to be replaced by a piece of rope.

I was fast forwarding into images of a perverted delinquent teenager.

Astrology comes in.  I had his chart done. He has 5 planets in Libra but the most striking feature is a tight Sun, Mars and Pluto conjunction.


The planet of identity, the planet of assertion and the planet of power fussed together. The conjunction compounds the energy which became even more aggressive.    He in fact fought (Mars) to the death (Pluto) or as if his life depended on it, he was daring (Sun + Mars), he gave relevance to courage (Sun + Mars), he was aware of importance of power (Sun + Pluto).

The sign these planets are in – Libra – harmony, peace, aesthetics – explained the beautiful lace handkerchief and his sweetness but it is a sign of difficult expression for Mars and also for Pluto.  Mars rules Aries which is the opposite sign to Libra.  Mars is the vehicle to individuality, to autonomy, having to express this energy cooperatively, beautifully, intellectually….  All this  the 11th house of groups, associations, humanitarian causes,  added difficulty to the expression a Libra Sun Mars Pluto conjunction in the world of a 5 year old.

I asked how can I help my son give a positive expression to the person he is?  How can I help him enter his path of development? How can I not break his wonderful spirit?  How can I prevent him from injuring himself and other kids physically and psychologically?

Sun / Mars/ Pluto conjunction in Libra is a rare combination and in a span of 500 years only happened for 20 days in 1972 and 1974 and before that only for the same amount of time in 1485 and 1487.  Not much to draw from!

Digging into the archetypes I found the solution by enrolling him in a martial arts class. They meet in groups (11th house) although the fights are individual (Sun/Mars). He was very young; it required courage (Mars) to go up against older and bigger kids.  The one who wins proves to the world he is individually the most powerful (Sun/Pluto).  All the fights are final (Mars/Pluto).  At the same time it is called martial ART because it is not just brute force, it requires intelligence to understand how to apply the body and its strength.  Libra is an air sign where strategy and mental input counts.

The practice of martial arts allowed him to own his character and not repress it.  Slowly he started directing his aggression to judo fights and behaving less confrontationally.  In his teens he was well adjusted. Today he celebrates his 39th birthday and is successful in his career and family life but conscious of the power his character holds.


I do like to believe that astrology had a positive if not determinant impact in his life. I became an astrologer because I believe that I can have a positive impact on the lives of others helping them become who they are.


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