When you have worked a lot on yourself, when you are engaged in the difficult path of self-knowledge, then… you can talk to horses

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: about 2 minutes.

Pluto transits in aspect to natal planets and angles are possibly the strongest ones in our life. Pluto, despite being physically small and distant, is astrologically very strong.  Its orbit around the Sun is slow, 248 years, so the effects of a Pluto transit to a planet or angle natal will be felt for 2-3 years.

The Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant are the three most sensitive points of the horoscope. The most powerful aspect is the conjunction. In my case, Pluto can never make a conjunction to the Sun or Moon unless I live to be 200 years old. On the other hand, I have had Pluto hovering at 1° or exact on the my Ascendant since 2013 and it will continue until the end of 2015.

A Pluto transit requires transformation of the natal energy involved. Its function is to unearth hidden material of the psyche, bring it to light with the goal of becoming a new person, more whole, healthier, someone whom you like. It has a deep cleansing effect, but in order to reach the far most corners where the dirt (shadow material) is stuck, be prepared to withstand some pain.

Pluto on the Ascendant says: “Transform the face you show the world, transforms the way you see the world, transform your journey.”

So I did the easy things: a new site, a more direct way of writing, the project of a book.

And I did the difficult things: introspection, self-knowledge work.

However, the Universe kept on sending very clear and literal messages that not everything was clean. The skin of my face showed evidence of buried material in the form of cysts. Once healed, they left  a dark mark to remind me of my imperfections.

A friend, JL, told me about a therapy with horses. I liked the idea, liked the place, liked the facilitator Pedro Amado Gomes, initiator of “Led by Horses” and for 7 weeks, I,  in my simplest expression, no tricks, no bluffs, without words or accessories, naked (so to speak),  was in spiritual connection with Obelix, Ulysses, La Lune and on the last day with Samarra. They taught me a great deal and here I leave my public gratitude to my wise four-legged equals. It is a worthy  endeavor to take the painful path of self-knowledge because I could, with my spirit, talk to horses.

It was a transformative (plutonian) experience but also in the last two sessions, one of bliss (neptunian); synchronically, Neptune made a conjunction to my natal Jupiter, natural ruler of Sagittarius. With the Sun in Sagittarius, my Chiron sign, I also like to pay tribute to the founder of “Quinta do Cavalo Kiron”  and  creator of “Kiron® method – therapy and coaching assisted by horses”, Nathalie Durel.


If any of my readers in Portugal is interested in learning what it takes to talk to horses, please contact Peter @ ledby

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