Twins – same chart, different personality

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: about 4 minutes.

My 7 year old twin grandchildren, Alice and Oliver, spent a few days with me, which gives me great pleasure as a grandmother … but as an astrologer, it is fascinating to witness the development of their personalities.

They were born on April 27, 2007, 1 minute apart. They are fraternal twins with different genetic codes, but with nearly identical astrological charts. Their weight was even and had no developmental problems.

When they were six months, I began to notice that both my daughter and their baby sitter used different words to describe them. Being of opposite sexes one would expect that they would be physically different, but the choice of words alerted my astro mind. Oliver was a “sweetie” and Alice “fierce”. Oliver “whimpered” and Alice “screamed”. The most striking note was how they referred to their hair: they spoke often of Oliver’s “mane” and commented on the “oddity” of Alice’s bald head.

The Ascendant is literally the face we show to the world. Oliver was showing the Ascendant in Leo with his mane of hair.  But Alice should also have the ascendant in Leo since the charts are almost identical. It was at that moment that the astrologer grandmother realized that Alice was showing to the world the characteristics of the Descendant in Aquarius, which is consistent with the word “oddity”.


I had read an article on Liz Greene’s site about the theory of the division of the chart .   With my observations I realized that what I was witnessing in the lives of my twin grandchildren that theory at work. It states that the twins in their infancy divide the chart along the MC/IC meridian, externalizing different aspects of their personalities. This premise assumes a need for individuality with the definition of their own psychological territory. Since they live and grow together, they do not want to have the same role. The alpha twin chooses which part of the chart/personality he/she wants to manifest and leaves the other side for the twin. The remaining psychological features and drives are not completely absent, just less visible.

Alice, who was born one minute before his brother, (she is possibly the alpha twin) chose to externalize the right side of the chart where we can see a Mars /Uranus conjunction in 8th house, Neptune in the 7th and Jupiter and Pluto in the 5th. Oliver has the Sun and Mercury in Taurus in the 10th, Venus in Gemini in the 11th, Saturn in the 1st and the Moon in 2nd.

Very early, Oliver showed the charm of his Leo Ascendant and Venus in Gemini as well as a cautious approach to new experiences, a Taurus characteristic. Venus, Moon and planets in Taurus are gentle and softer energies.  On the other hand, Alice could not sit still, not even watching television, preferring games involving physical activity and was fearless.  Mars, the planet of autonomy and aggression, in conjunction with Uranus, results in a total disdain for danger.  On the right side of the chart she also has Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius, which give her a tendency towards adventure.

As they grew up they started to manifest the qualities of the side that did not initially externalize. For example, this week-end they spent with me, I noticed that Oliver continues to prefer quieter activities but as we stroll along the beach in Estoril, he always chose the more dangerous, the more slippery path on the rocks. Alice continues to be a risk taker, but she is extremely persistent, a Taurus quality.  She is now perfecting  a one hand cart wheel which she does 100 times a day, in the garden, on the side walk, on the beach, in the house…  The level of physical activity remains high, however, she is no longer bald, she is very proud of her long hair.

Digging Alice digging

Astrologers use transits, progressions and solar arcs to understand the life cycles of a person. Solar arcs tend to have a strong impact in a child’s life.  Solar arcs conjunctions confirm clearly the division of the chart in the lives of my grandchildren. Both learnt to read easily but when Mercury, the planet of learning and reading, by solar arc made a conjunction to the Sun, Oliver, the owner of the left side of the chart, began to take great pleasure in reading and enjoying a good book almost anywhere.

Reading Oliver reading

Alice, the owner of the left side of the chart, when the Descendant (which for her is the Ascendant) by conjunction, touched Chiron, ended up several times in the hospital with an elbow problem and respiratory failure due to an allergy.

I will carry on my observations and periodically I will keep you posted.

Being a grandmother is great, but being a grandmother astrologer is even better!

Note – If among my readers there twins with similar birth times, please contact me, as I would like to broaden my research.

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  1. saurabh bathla says:

    Hi Luiza!

    I also have a twin brother and personally i think we both are also going through the same pattern as written by you. As i don’t know much about astrology ,I can’t comment in detail. If you want to know more about me and my brother , you can contact me on my email.

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