The Zodiac in Downton Abbey

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There are many reasons for the success of “Downton Abbey”: the quality of the script, the acting, the end of an era appeal, the “glamour” of the inaccessible, etc.. But if the characters and plot express well the characteristics of the planets and signs of the zodiac, a broad audience finds commonalities and the popularity of the series / movie / story is guaranteed.

I had not seen Downton Abbey yet. This Christmas I rectified the situation with marathons of episodes on DVD: I saw the entirety of the three seasons.

By the second episode I started thinking what would be the dominant zodiac sign of each character. Here are the results with the words relevant that each archetype in bold.



Robert, Earl of Grantham: Leo – Sun

The star around whom revolves Downton Abbey.  He is the king about to lose his position. Egocentric: talking with his daughter about his marriage to Cora he says “your mom made me very happy.” Tries to be authoritative but deep down is magnanimous: takes Bates into service knowing that he will have difficulties performing his function and helps Sybil financially.

Cora, Countess of Grantham: Libra – Venus – Juno

Elegant, balanced, lovely, rationalized her marriage of convenience arranged by her father. She is dedicated to her husband, the perfect hostess, able to see problems through the eyes of others. Appreciates harmony, accepts social norms that were not part of her American education.

Lady Mary Crawley: Aries – Mars in Cancer

Direct, determined and impulsive. Energetic, rides horses, goes hunting and will satisfy her sexual desires in an immediate way.  She fights for their “home”. Has a competitive relationship with her sister Edith.

Lady Edith Crawley: Virgo

Apparently destined to be the spinster, feels victimized until she finds a purpose:  learn to drive and become useful to the community and to the sick soldiers.

Lady Sybil Crawley: Aquarius – Uranus

Progressive, consciousness of class injustice, wants to break free of social restrictions: first by wearing pants and going to a protest, then by crossing the line between masters and servants and working in the kitchen and finally breaking all barriers by falling in love and marrying the chauffeur.

Lady Violet, Countess of Grantham: Gemini – Mercury

She is the matriarch and very traditional, characteristics that do not belong to this archetype. Her answers do. The mercurial side is evidence of her versatility when she tells Robert to “go find” details in Branson’s genealogy that will make the marriage with Sybil socially acceptable. The cleverness of her argument with the priest to convince him to celebrate William’s marriage.  Her tendency to argue with Isobel Crawley indicates the square between the signs of Gemini and Virgo.

Isobel Crawley: Virgo – Ceres-Chiron

Widow, becomes useful in the hospital in an efficient and pragmatic way but with very little tact. She is the great mother who is busy looking after the welfare of others and trying to alleviate suffering.

Matthew Crawley: Libra – Venus – Pallas

Lawyer, mediator, concerned with justice, to do what is right, without losing his charm. Concerned with social equity.

Mrs. Hughes: Cancer – Moon

Carries out her governess functions with maternal authority.  Gives orders but protects as in Ethel’s case. She moves in a feminine world.  Her presence is soothing.

Mr. Carson: Capricorn – Saturn

Stuck to tradition and the past resists any changes. Very aware of his and the Crawley’s status, imposes discipline to his staff and himself.

Tom Branson: Sagittarius – Jupiter

Has political convictions and firmly believes in his ability to go further, to overcome his position as a chauffeur and become a journalist.

William Mason: Pisces – Neptune

He is selfless and innocent. Dreams of his Daisy, who is forced to deceive him. He sacrifices himself for his master and dies in peace.

Mr. John Bates and Anna Smith: Taurus – Earth

The Bates couple has a calming presence and show  common sense and patience. They seek stability and demonstrate great persistence in their struggle against adversity.

Sarah O’Brien and Thomas Barrow: Scorpio – Pluto

Both are manipulative and vindictive using all means to control the situation. Thomas’s homosexuality explains part of their behavior since he must have suffered a lot. O’Brien reveals the transformative side when plagued with remorse and regrets.

Downton Abbey: Saturn in Leo in the 3rd House

It is a majestic (Leo) structure (Saturn) where a small community gossip, talk, discuss, while moving through open and closed doors, corridors and stairs (3rd house).

The survival of a series or a myth is associated with archetypes of the zodiac. The astrological purity of the Downton Abbey’s characters will melt due to the need of surprising audiences and the professional commitments of actors. However, the first seasons were enjoyed by the spectator and satisfied the astrologer.

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  1. Gisele says:

    Well done!
    I just loved your view and couldn’t agree more. I’ve just finished watching the 5th Season in Netflix (5 seasons in 5 weeks!!) and decided to look for possible analyses in connection with the signs – and here I found yours. It’s really amazing how characters incorporate the zodiac signs. I wonder if the writer, Julian Fellowes, knows about astrology. I almost sure he does!

    • Luiza Azancot says:

      Thanks Giselle
      I think talented writers know instinctively the qualities of the signs, that is why they are called archetypes, models that are imprinted in our brain. All the great heroes of literature / movies fit perfectly into signs. Scarlett O’Hara – Aries, Poirot and Miss Marple – Virgo, etc… Start thinking along these lines and you will have fun!

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