The lengthy transit of Mars in Libra – Part I – Health

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: about 3 minutes.

Mars is the planet of primal energy; it represents the will and capacity to survive, the principle of action, affirmation and aggression.  Competition, sports and sex are matters related to Mars as well as fighting and conquering. Iron is the metal ruled by Mars, planet named after the god of war, which archetypally is linked to the color red and to blood.  Mars also represents what makes us angry, what gets on our nerves.

Transiting Mars takes about two months to cover each sign.  Every two years, during its retrograde motion, it lingers a little longer.  However, if Mars initiates its retrograde motion at the end of a sign it stays in that sign for a long time.  This is exactly what is happening now.  On December 7, at 8:42 pm GMT Mars enters Libra, where it will stay until July 26.


Mars in Libra… for 7+ months!

This does not happen often. Mars was in Libra for comparable periods of time only twice during the 20th century in 1934/35 and 1982/1983.

Mars cycle (23 months) is the great regulator of energy, therefore, its transits have an impact on how we feel physically, that is,  in our health.

When transiting Mars is close to a person’s natal Mars the amount of energy is at its highest level, one does not feel tired, but very active and willing to engage in sports.  When transiting Mars is on the opposite sign to natal Mars one’s energy level is at a minimum. It is like a cosmic tug-of-war, your energy is sucked by the opposing party.  During that 45 to 60 day period we tend to feel sluggish, need to rest and notice that a cold lingers or that irritating cough does not seem to go away.

Presently transiting Mars will spend 231 days in Libra so everyone with Mars in Libra will feel a boost in energy.  I rejoice for Pope Francis and for the Dalai Lama, great men that fight (Mars) for peace and fairness (Libra) for the world.  I believe that this extra dose of strength will benefit humankind.

Attention everyone who has natal Mars in Aries because you will feel for 7 months the opposition of transiting Mars by sign. Your energy level will decrease.  YOU MUST REST.  Usually you do not tire easily so you are more likely than any other sign to ignore indications of fatigue. Without the knowledge of this transit your normal “just do it” attitude will prevent you from granting yourself a pause in order to recharge your batteries.  As a consequence the body loses strength and opportunistic diseases pop up.  The immune system becomes weaker and you are more vulnerable to catching some else’s bugs.

I am absolutely certain of the debilitating effects of transiting Mars opposing by sign having  felt this opposition manifest in my life and in my client’s lives many times.

The medical explanation for the Mars opposition effect on health is a hypothesis.  I have no way of testing it scientifically, but I can relate it to the metal ruled by Mars.  Although iron is present in the human body in minute quantities it is a key element and a necessary ingredient for the immune system.  65% of our iron is found in hemoglobin which is part of the blood red cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to organs.  Low levels of hemoglobin indicate anemia caused most frequently by low iron levels.

I would like emphasize that Mars does not cause disease!

Friends, clients, readers with natal Mars in Aries:  during these next 7 months if you so wish have your iron levels tested but please listen to your body to remain healthy. You can obviously carry on with your normal life but if you feel tired REST.   A nap does not hurt anybody.  Do not minimize the information your body will convey to you.

Cosmic order is granting you this period of low activity so that you can recharge your body.  If you heed this advice you will benefit and when Mars will go into Aries on February 20, 2015 your energy will be doubled.

On Part II I will write about the impact of Mars in Libra in relationships.

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