Sports also have a zodiac sign

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: almost 4 minutes.

I really enjoy watching tennis matches.  I am especially enthusiastic about the Grand Slams. I follow the successes and failures of top players like teenagers follow the lives of vampire movies stars.

There are not many opportunities to watch live great champions in action, so last week I was glued to the television watching the US Open. Some of the matches were epic, like the one that opposed the Swiss Roger Federer to the Frenchman Gael Monfils in the quarter-finals.

Besides fooling around with a racket with my childhood friends, I never played tennis, and from the age of 20, I could no longer do even that due to a collarbone injury. Then how do I explain my interest in this sport?

I am a Gemini new moon, which means I have the Sun and the Moon in the sign of Gemini and also Mercury is in that sign. The main energy of my chart and consequently of my personality is Gemini.


Gemini is an air sign and the mode is mutable, therefore, is the lighter, less dense and more versatile sign of the zodiac. It rules shoulders, arms and hands. Tennis is a sport that fits perfectly to this sign because it requires physical agility and speed, in addition to mental (air) speed as the strategy for ball placing is important. The vertical elements of the symbol of Gemini remind me of the two opponents, and the symbol as a whole looks to the net.

I think the ping pong, squash, badminton and other individual sports where balls are tossed through the air between two adversaries are also under the sign of Gemini.

As for tennis, I’m sure it is under the sign of Gemini. In 2012 I did an astrological case study on male and female tennis champions, so this statement has some research to back it up.

I analyzed the charts of great champions based on the premise that the characteristics that define tennis are more evident in these individuals. I worked with a sample of the best of the best. I only included players that had won at least five Grand Slams during their careers as professional tennis players. The Grand Slams are the four most prestigious and most competitive tournament, held annually in Melbourne, Paris, London and New York.  I considered only players with wins after 1968, because this is the period known as the “modern era” due to a change of rules. My sample consisted of 12 men and 12 women.

I looked into the distribution by sign of the 24 tennis players’ personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.  I did not consider the slow, generational planets, because they could bring major distortions, since many players were born in the same years, and the sample is not large one.

The personal planets reflect (in a few words) the following aspects of personality:

Sun – the center of the personality, the agent of will

Moon –the emotional world that so influences the outcome of games

Mercury – mental strategy

Venus – relational aspects including those with the opponent

Mars – competition, physical action, aggression

A total of 120 occurrences (24 tennis players * 5 = 120 planets) that are distributed by sign is shown in the following graph.


It does not take great mathematician to notice that Gemini is the dominant sign; it appears 22 times followed distantly by Cancer and Leo, both with 13 occurrences. The distribution of these planets by sign on any control group would be 10 for each sign.

There is no doubt. It is proven, tennis has sign and Gemini it is.

For the astrologer, the answer to the question “how do I explain my interest in this sport” is simple. We are attracted to people, books, works of art, films with which we identify and with whom we have common features. At a deep psychologically level, my Gemini energy identifies with the Gemini energy and the characteristics of this sport. Speed, agility, the lightness of tossing a ball into the air, resonates in my psyche.  Furthermore, my Mars (competitiveness) is in the sign of Libra (air sign, social, quite civilized) also appreciates individual contests without weapons, with no blood and where the opponents – once the match ends – greet each other in a friendly way. Therefore, I feel “at home” when I see tennis.

This leads to a more important question. Does knowing astrology and being able be able to make this link between my personality and my choices (besides sports) increase my free will, or compel me?

Free will vs. determinism will be my next topic.

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    What was/is the astrological breakdown between men & women?

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