Solar Eclipse – November 3, 2013 – 11° 15’ Scorpio

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: about 3 minutes.

Some facts:

  • Eclipses occur every six months and come mostly in pairs: one lunar and one solar 14 days apart.
  • Lunar eclipses happen on a Full Moon when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon.  The last one happened on October 18/19 depending on where you are on the globe.  Lunar eclipses can be seen by everyone if the Moon is above the horizon during the eclipse, if it is night time and if there are no clouds in the sky.
  • Solar eclipses happen during a New Moon when the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth.  It can only be seen by those that are in a place aligned with the angle of occultation of the Sun.Eclipse
  • Solar eclipses are not isolated events.  Each one belongs to a series called Saros Cycle (saros meaning repetition in Greek) that occur every 18 years.
  • Each Saros Cycle contains 71 – 73 eclipses, therefore lasting for many centuries.
  • The November 3, 2013 solar eclipse belongs to Saros 16 North.
  • Bernadette Brady, a brilliant astrologer, carried out a study of the characteristics of each Saros Cycle, based on the interpretation of the chart of the eclipse that started each cycle.  In the present case the chart is more than 500 years old and here is what she wrote:

“A gentle family of eclipses which bring a sense of inspiration or the illumination of ideas.  The presence of the Uranus – Neptune combination talks of the sudden release of material from the unconscious which brings with it a great deal of insight.  These ideas are good and the individual would be wise to act upon them”. The Eagle and the Lark, Samuel Weiser, Inc, 1992, pag 331

Who is going to be more affected?

  • Those born between October 31 and November 6 as the Sun and Moon involved in the eclipse will be conjuncting their natal Sun.
  • Every one that has the Ascendant or the Moon between 8° and 14° Scorpio.
  • Less affected will be those that have the Sun, Moon or Ascendant between 10° and 12° Taurus.

Since everybody has 11° Scorpio somewhere in their chart, the matters ruled by the house containing this degree might be “shaken”.  Identify the house and be alert to the matters relating to that house.  If you need some help with areas covered by each house go to

Eclipses have a terrible reputation.  Is it true?

  •  Eclipses are the opposite of status quo and not many people enjoy being shaken.
  • At personal level events connected with the eclipse can be momentarily disturbing but ultimately they bring light.
  • At mundane level the terrible reputation is somewhat deserved.  The energy of an eclipse is operational up to 3 months before the date and lasts a few more months after it happens, especially in the area of the world where the occultation is strongest.  In Nairobi, Kenya, the eclipse will be almost total and let me remind you of the terrorist attack to a mall where dozens of people died.  Al-Shabaad claimed responsibility and told the world that it did so in retaliation for events that happened in Somalia, a country also in the shaped area of the map below.


Where the eclipse will be seen?

Shaded in red is the area where the eclipse will be seen.  People on the east coast of the United States will have to get up very early and will only be able to see (with appropriate protection) a little dent on the Sun’s surface.  Here is a neat animation of the event expressed in Universal Time.

Final words

  • On Sunday, November 3rd, whether you see it or not, consciously think about it.
  • During an eclipse the sun light disappears and then reappears.  The key words are “call to attention” followed by crisis and finally the opportunity to look at yourself, look at others, at the challenges in our lives under another light.
  • Reflect back on the good ideas you had in the fall of 1995, that is, when the last eclipse of this series took place.
  • Use the gentle character of the Saros 16 North, allow your inspiration and luminous ideas to emerge and gather up the courage to put them in motion.

Happy Eclipse


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