Shame – a powerful feeling

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: about 3 minutes.

Tomorrow the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio; hours later, so does Venus, and minutes later the Moon completes the trio. Before the day is over, we have a New Moon in Scorpio which coincides with one of the two annual solar eclipses.

In the span of one day, the civilized, well behaved, mentally clear Libra energy plunges into the deep emotional world of Scorpio. Sex, power, death and rebirth, healing processes and all that is hidden – from mundane conspiracies to the recesses of our psyche – are on the agenda. In the latter category shame fits perfectly, an emotion over which I have been pondering: shame

Here is what some psychologists have to say about shame:

  • feelings of shame are an attack on self-esteem and a threat to psychological integrity. Regardless of what causes shame, the deterioration of self-esteem can be devastating.
  • is a self-conscious emotion, accompanied by feelings of dishonor, of worthlessness and undeserving of love of which others may or may not be aware;
  • narcissistic personalities often have the emotion of shame at its core. Hidden or displayed in excess, shame signals a deep narcissistic wound.
  • shame is a feeling that strives in relation to others and their judgments. It comprises a reaction of humiliation.

 What the astrologer has to say about shame:

In the symbolic and archetypal framework planets can represent actions, behaviors, people or characters, places, things, events and also emotional states. Each planet represents a set of these manifestations consistent with the essence of the meaning of this planet.

With the help of the words in bold I can attribute shame to realm of the Sun.

In the psychological astrology model by my teacher Glenn Perry, the Sun is the agent in charge of fulfilling the needs of the sign of Leo, which are, among others, validation of identity, self-esteem, approval by others, a positive self-image. Up above, the Sun shines. In the birth chart, a functioning Sun also wants to shine, likes to be paid homage, that others recognize its qualities, it demonstrates confidence, pride, radiates heat, behaves honorably.

When the Sun, that is,  the center of the personality, the dialogue with ego, is not working well, egocentrism / narcissism, vanity and conceit appears. It’s the frog in  La Fontaine’s  that swells up to look bigger than the ox, the conceited  man on asteroid B-362 in the “The Little Prince” who just wants to be admired.


Across the continuum of solar emotions and possibly the cause of narcissism, are feelings of lack of confidence, false pride and shame. Shame is at the root of the devaluation of identity that so harmful to the positive expression of the Sun, to happiness, joy and creativity.

Not all shame is negative and sterile. Shame that does not alter the identity and functions as a mechanism for inhibition of harmful behaviors is positive. For example, Eskimos use shame to teach their children the dangers of ice. I know this because yesterday I saw a movie about the Arctic.

Shame is often confused with feelings of guilt. The same event can give rise to feelings of shame and guilt, but guilt refers to an action that harmed a third party. There are ways to minimize guilt: apologies, contrition, reparations, atonement. Shame moves insidiously within us because it originates from self- image and the judgments we make about ourselves.


The Sun  sign gives indications on the object of shame. Gemini wants information, it feels shame when ignorant. Virgo, want to be helpful and solve problems, therefore its shame is related to incompetence. Capricorn wants success, to take a commanding position, so it is afraid of losing authority and failure equates with shame.

Shame is much more hidden, much more entrenched than guilt and, therefore, it is a feeling much more difficult to cleanse.

Scorpio and its ruling planet Pluto are also the purges the zodiac. With Saturn in Scorpio since October 2012, in animated conversation (mutual reception in astrologese) with Pluto and now with this super serving of Scorpio energy – Sun, Moon and Venus – my advice to my friends is:

 consciously use the New Moon and Eclipse to purge from your system  all harmful feelings – shame included.

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