I am a triple Gemini  born in Lisbon, Portugal on June 15, 1950 at 10:15 pm.  In 1971 as transiting Uranus came to conjunction to natal Neptune, I bought my first Jung book while studying for a BA in Psychology. That purchase was the beginning of the path that led me to astrology.   It was a convoluted path that included a MBA in International Business, the exploration of different careers but astrology always remained a big part of my life, guiding me through this wonderful journey.

In 2001 I could devote my full time attention to Astrology. While living in the USA,  I studied AstroPsychology with Glenn Perry, graduated from the International Academy of Astrology, completed the Counseling Skills Seminar and Ethics Awareness training offered by ISAR  I took  level IV of NCGR-PAA certification.  I now belong to a very small elite of top astrologers that have passed this exam.

In Rome, Italy I studied the Tarot of Marseille under the guidance of Carlo Bozelli of the Accademia dei Tarocchi.  During astrological consultations, I sometimes use the Tarot for illuminating very specific questions.

Besides my work as a consulting astrologer I taught “The Archetypes of the Zodiac” at the IAA and was a member of the Board of NCGR-PAA.  Presently I am an Advisor to ASPAS’ s President and  Editor of ASPAS  online magazine “4 Estações”.

The practice of Qigong, a traditional Chinese art that encompasses breath, movement and intention, is part of my daily routine. I follow the teachings of Master Hong Liu that are rooted in the deep belief that we can heal ourselves through working our vital energy, our Qi.  The balance of mental and physical energy, the balance between yang and yin that I strive to achieve with the practice of Qigong, helps me being centered for my clients.

Nowadays I live in Estoril, Portugal, but thanks to technology I “meet” with clients from all over the world.