My favorite Aquarians

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If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.  Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.
Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Here are some of my favorites:


Mozart – 27/1/1756

Elly Ameling – 8/2/1933 – Opera singer whose vibrato has a quality that reminds me of electric waves (the symbol of Aquairus).  Here singing Mozart

Bob Marley – 6/2/1945

Carlos Paredes – 16/2/1925 – Portuguese classic guitar  player . Here “Movimento Perpetuo”



Galileo Galileu – 15/2/1564

Thomas Edison – 11/2/1847 – Speaking of electric waves

Charles Darwin – 12/2/1809

Dr. Emmett Brown – fictional mad scientist, inventor of the time machine in “Back to the Future”.


In the world of Portuguese Sport

Eusébio – 25/1/1941

Carlos Lopes – 18/2/1947 – Marathoner, olympic gold medal in Los Angeles at 37. His record stood until Beijing in 2008.

Mourinho – 26/1/1963

Cristiano Ronaldo – 5/2/1985


Lewis Carroll – 27/1/1832 – author of “Alice in Wonderland”

Jules Verne – 8/2/1828 –fiction writer with a limitless imagination

Virginia Wolf – 25/1/1882 – “Orlando”is pure aquarian spirit, unfortunately her suicide too: put on a thick coat, fill pockets with heavy stones and walk into a deep river.

Somerset Maugham – 25/1/1874 – Cold and cynical observer of the human condition “The world is quickly bored by the recital of misfortune, and willing avoids the sight of distress” .

Mordechai Richler – 27/1/1931 –Canadian writer, in Barney’s Version (best book I have read in a while). “Even I have principles. I never sold guns, drugs or diet food”. 



Jackson Pollock -28 /1/1912   

Blue Poles (1952) National Gallery of Australia

Solomon Guggenheim – 2/2/1861



Foto: wallygva


In the USA

Abraham Lincoln – 12/2/1809

Betty Friedan – 4/2/1921 – perfect Aquarian, died on her 84th birthday (Uranus return), wrote the “Feminine Mystique” at 42 (half a Uranus orbit), a force in women’s emancipation.


In show business

Eddie Izzard – 7/2/ 1962 –Actor and stand up comedian with an surreal sense of humour.  Has 6 planets and South Node in Aquarius and defines himself as  “executive, action transvestite”  and not a “drag queen or weirdo like J. Edgar Hoover and Hermann Göring”.  Politically and socially active, in July of 2009 ran 43 marathons in 51 days (took a Sunday rest) fundraising for Sport Relief.


Izzard1  eddie izzard 070909

John Belushi – 24/1/1949 immortal in “Blues Brothers”

Juliette Greco – 7 /2/1927  French singer  here interpreting   Je suis comme je suis / Je plais à qui je plais

lyrics by Jacques Prévert – 4 /2/1900


In a category of their own

Sebastião Salgado – 8/2/1944 Brasilian photographer known for social and environment images

Lola Montez – 17/2/1821 – born in Ireland under the name of Eliza Gilbert, famous dancer and mistress of Louis I of Bavaria, used her influence to promote liberal reforms.


Last but not least

My husband  – 14/2/1954 – who keeps me informed and entertained with outlandish subjects even in the middle of the night and even after 25+ years of marriage.

But not everything is golden in Aquarian wonderland.  It is an air sign very much at ease in the world of ideas but it is FIXED.  Please don’t waste your time persuading an Aquarian, they DO NOT CHANGE THEIR MINDS.  Change the world… right away, changing themselves … no way.




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  1. de boutiny says:

    et ton amie poisson préférée, of course
    de retour à Paris après des vacances
    en juillet Liepzig, août à Cabourg et à Theize.
    Je te sais enfin chez toi au Portugal après toutes ces années qui t’ont enrichies…
    Je pense bien à toi, avec toute ma tendresse

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