Mars Pluto – war, violence, aggression

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: about 3 minutes.

Mars and Pluto, both rulers of Scorpio, are right now very close to each other up there in the sky.  This is not an unusual astronomic event; these two planets meet up in the sky once every two years as Mars has a 687 day orbit and Pluto has a very slow orbit of 248 years.

The exact date for the conjunction is November 10th; however, its effects will be felt a few days prior and a few days post that date.  For about two weeks, the whole world will feel the joint energy of the planets connected with aggression, war, violence, fires, terrorists, bombs, anger and hate

This conjunction happens under the sign of Capricorn, just like the three previous ones – December 2008 and 2010 and November 27, 2012.  This last one, at 8 degrees Capricorn, was quite tense since the square to Uranus was turning up the volume.

A brief scrutiny of the news for the 10 days surrounding the date of the Mars Pluto conjunction of 2012, resulted in this list of worldwide accidents:

  • 112 people died in a garment factory fire in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 32 people killed in a plane crash in Congo load
  • 16 people killed and 44 injured after a wedding party when the bus crashes down a ravine in India
  • 8 people dead and 36 injured in a road accident in Bolivia
  • 2 people killed and 120 injured in massive car pile-up caused by dense fog in Texas

Horrific bomb related news also made it to the front page:

  • 28 wounded in Telaviv
  • 37 dead and 92 injured in Pakistan
  • 11 dead and 30 injured in a protestant church in Nigeria
  • 54 people killed and 120 wounded in twin car bomb explosions in Damascus, Syria
  • 30 dead and 100 injured in Hilla and Karbala, Iraq

I am sorry to inform that Uranus is still in the picture, applying pressure to the 2014 conjunction, this time with the additional presence of the Moon, which further exacerbates (at least emotionally) the situation.

Mars Pluto

Astrology gives us a few options if not in the world stage at least in a personal sphere.

I do have to point out that not everyone is equally affected. Those with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in 10 -13 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra will feel the energies of these two weeks more viscerally.  I have been experiencing this as I have my Ascendant at 12 degrees Capricorn.  This group of people, me included, has been undergoing the destructive and regenerative might of a Pluto transit.  It is a long lasting transit; therefore, they should be use to intensity.  Mars approaching introduces a change in dynamics.  As far as I am concerned, I have been feeling a crescendo in aggression and irritation.

The high level of energy of these two weeks may create explosive situations (including accidents) or bring gratifying experiences.  Understanding astrologically what is going on does not render one immune to the planetary influences, but at least, one is forewarned.  Astrology prevents better than predicts.

Advise for the next few days: 

  • Do not put yourself in extreme situations that might invite accidents
  • In the kitchen be extra careful. It is a place where there are knives (utensil connected to Mars), fire (element connected to Mars) and gas that might explode (Pluto).
  • If possible delay home repairs that involve handling drills, hammers or other sharp tools.
  • Above all, be attentive to situations that might get out of hand at home or in your professional environment. When aware that a feeling of anger is surging up, when in a discussion violent words are used, when body language reflects aggression … stop, breathe, count to 10 and visualize an idyllic landscape before proceeding. 

There is no way we can escape these energies,  but alternatively they can be used in a positive way.  It is an excellent period to do physical exercise, run, train for a marathon, at the gym punch or kick the punching bag, chop wood, dig in the garden until exhausted and, last but not least, enjoy age appropriate vigorous sex.

If by any chance you want to change the world, you have energy to fight (Mars) against the institutions (Capricorn) that oppress (Pluto) you.

I am feeling quite aggressive, so I am heading out to protest against economic exploitation.

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