Jupiter in Leo – a guide for next year

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: almost 4 minutes.

Today we have a remarkable astrological event. Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system in its orbit around the Sun, changes sign, enters Leo leaving behind Cancer.


The length of Jupiter’s orbit is 12 years, therefore,  it spends a year in each sign. Jupiter symbolizes optimism, opportunities and even luck, but above all faith in the Universe and in ourselves, which allows us to go further within our chosen path. The key word for Jupiter is expansion.  It expands our experiences, our knowledge and our sphere of action. Jupiter rules the physical and intellectual journeys, higher education, philosophy, but also justice, moral values ​​and the dissemination of ideas. We can say that it is the planet of preachers, marketers and publishers.

Given these favorable energies, traditional astrology refers to Jupiter as the “great benefic”, but modern astrology, although agreeing with the interpretation of ease and the absence of barriers that Jupiter symbolizes, draws attention to its negative effects: exaggeration, overconfidence, arrogance, extravagance.

Most people like this idea of growth, to have more opportunities, to move forward.  But who benefits the most from the Jupiter in Leo year that begins today and ends August 11, 2015?

  • Those with the Sun in Leo

The period when Jupiter is near the degree of the natal Sun can be considered a top transit in terms of health, joy of living and opportunities to apply one’s creativity.

  •  Those with the Moon in Leo

The weeks when Jupiter is near the degree of the natal Moon bring a sense of well-being, expansive feelings towards t others, a desire to protect, not only to take care of children but also family in general. Relationships with women are facilitated, something men might feel pleased about but women can benefit also from female companionship.

  • Those with Mercury, Venus or Mars in Leo

During periods in which these planets are under a more direct influence of Jupiter, we have the opportunity to learn something new, plan ahead clearly (in the case of Mercury), to minimize the small turbulence of relationships or even see a new love affair emerge, appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, dress more elegantly (Venus), enjoy great physical energy and see the projects initiated at this time through to happy conclusion (Mars).

  •  Those who have the ascendant in Leo

Will feel good, with fine physical and mental health and so they will project positive energy, which makes everyday life easier.

And if you have no planets in Leo you will benefit from this transit too, because the house (s) in the sign of Leo will be blessed by Jupiter. Each house represents an area of ​​life, which will experience the possibility of happy developments. First identify on your chart which is the house or houses that are under the sign of Leo and find here  the corresponding area of life.

Enjoy the transit of Jupiter in Leo, use the energy to be creative, to explore ways of going to places where you have never been before. But caution! Under its influence it is easy to become “bloated” and conceit and arrogance create enemies.

NOTE: To facilitate identifying our most favorable weeks pick up in your natal chart and look up the degree in which your Leo planets are. Consult the Jupiter ephemeris below and note the week (s) Jupiter is closer to the natal planet considering two degrees on either side of the exact number. As an example, marked in green, are the most beneficial weeks for those who have a planet at 16 degree Leo.

Jul 16 2014 00°Le00′
Jul 23 2014 01°Le34′
Jul 30 2014 03°Le07′
Aug 6 2014 04°Le40′
Aug 13 2014 06°Le12′
Aug 20 2014 07°Le43′
Aug 27 2014 09°Le13′
Sep 3 2014 10°Le40′
Sep 10 2014 12°Le05′
Sep 17 2014 13°Le27′
Sep 24 2014  14°Le46′
Oct 1 2014  16°Le00′
Oct 8 2014  17°Le10′
Oct 15 2014  18°Le15′
Oct 22 2014 19°Le14′
Oct 29 2014 20°Le07′
Nov 5 2014 20°Le53′
Nov 12 2014 21°Le31′
Nov 19 2014 22°Le01′
Nov 26 2014 22°Le22′
Dec 3 2014 22°Le34′
Dec 10 2014 22°Le37′ R
Dec 17 2014 22°Le30′
Dec 24 2014 22°Le13′
Dec 31 2014 21°Le47′
Jan 7 2015 21°Le13′
Jan 14 2015 20°Le31′
Jan 21 2015 19°Le43′
Jan 28 2015  18°Le51′
Feb 4 2015  17°Le56′
Feb 11 2015  17°Le00′
Feb 18 2015  16°Le05′
Feb 25 2015  15°Le14′
Mar 4 2015  14°Le28′
Mar 11 2015 13°Le49′
Mar 18 2015 13°Le17′
Mar 25 2015 12°Le54′
Apr 1 2015 12°Le40′
Apr 8 2015 12°Le35′
Apr 15 2015 12°Le39′ D
Apr 22 2015 12°Le53′
Apr 29 2015 13°Le15′
May 6 2015 13°Le45′
May 13 2015  14°Le23′
May 20 2015  15°Le09′
May 27 2015  16°Le00′
Jun 3 2015  16°Le58′
Jun 10 2015  18°Le02′
Jun 17 2015 19°Le10′
Jun 24 2015 20°Le22′
Jul 1 2015 21°Le39′
Jul 8 2015 22°Le59′
Jul 15 2015 24°Le21′
Jul 22 2015 25°Le47′
Jul 29 2015 27°Le14′
Aug 5 2015 28°Le43′

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