Intelligence agencies do not know astrology

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: about 3 minutes.

Last weekend I attended a symposium entitled “Reality exceeds Fiction: Beyond Big Brother”, held in Lisbon, Portugal. I suspected that we were already experiencing the scenario depicted by George Orwell in 1949 in the novel  “1984”, but I left convinced that we live in a society where the institutional powers, under the guise of protection, spy all our phone and internet communications.

The icons of this theme, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden could not be present because their travelling ability is very limited by international “justice”. Julian Assange, the Australian founder and main publisher  of WikiLeaks, took refuge two years ago in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where the police, which cost 10,000 pounds per day to British citizens, patrols the entrance to apprehend him if he goes out and registers whoever goes in. Still, he attended the symposium via video conference.

AssangeEdward Snowden, American by birth, had his passport revoked after the revelations he made about global surveillance, which prove that anyone using the internet, a portable phone, a credit card is subject to “surveillance” , whether criminal or not. If you have doubts, ask Angela Merkel! As a result, Snowden cannot leave Russia.

Intelligence agencies have trillions of yobibytes information, know many things that are presumably largely irrelevant, but certainly know nothing about astrology.

Edward Snowden comes from a family that has always worked for the US government and followed in their footsteps. Being a computer whizz kid, he worked in internet communications for a few years, including for the CIA. He started to doubt the system  he was defending in his daily work, but the final click occurred in March 2013, when he heard the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, lie to Congress under oath. Three months later, everyone knew who Snowden was and the extent of the United States “surveillance” program.

Edward Snowden in his natal chart has two planets, Jupiter and Uranus, in close conjunction. This configuration is summarized by Sue Tompkins in her book “Aspects in Astrology” as: Big radical ideas – Integrating faith with the truth – Changing beliefs – Belief in freedom – Sudden journeys

Planetary energies are not equally felt around the world. In some areas they are stronger and this principle is valid for everyone. The area of the world where Edward Snowden had the greater chance to express his Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius, is along the meridian where Jupiter and Uranus  are conjunct  the Midheaven (MC).  Looking at a map, it is a vertical line that goes through the mostly icy regions of Eastern Alaska and runs through the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  Just water ?

ASC Snowden.jpg

No …. the meridian goes through little dots indicated with a red arrow which are the Hawaiian Islands. It was in Hawaii that Edward Snowden, had a major change of convictions and felt the need to show the world the truth about US “surveillance”.  His revelations to the international media were real public acts of rebellion against the system but they also forced him to suddenly leave Hawaii. Whoever sent Snowden to Hawaii probably knows how many times I go to the hairdresser in a year (6), but knows nothing about the astrocartgraphy of its employees.

During the three months between the click and the publication of the revelations in the Guardian, Der Spiegel, etc ., Jupiter (by transit) made conjunctions to Mercury, the Ascendant, Mars, North Node and the Sun, eliminating any hesitation about the path that Snowden had chosen.

Julian Assange has the planet Jupiter which symbolizes beliefs, conjunct Neptune which is in turn conjunct the Ascendant. It is a combination of an altruistic person with big dreams, but also capable of sacrifice for the common good. Neptune is the planet we associate with oceans and water in general. It is the planetary energy that dissolves structures and, therefore, associated with pipe leaks. On the 4th of October 2006, Julian Assange founded the website Wiki Leaks, just as Jupiter by transit was on his natal Jupiter, beginning a 12-year cycle of expansion of its activities as a “hacker”. When Wiki Leaks published the first secret document, Jupiter by transit was making a conjunction to Assange’s natal Neptune, and then, the pipeline of secrets bursts open.

Traditional astrology calls Jupiter “the great benefic”. Snowden and Assange, did not benefit directly in the short term, but the citizens of the free world undoubtedly benefited from them.

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