Insterstellar – The answer to an astrological question

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: almost 2 minutes.


Friends had told me that Interstellar was a really good movie, which it is, but I never thought that I would hear Anne Hathaway articulate the answer to an important question that my clients often formulate.

“Do you see love in my chart?”

Since I cannot see love, I answer this way:

“I can see compatibility between two people, periods when a person is more attractive and more likely to fall in love. I can formulate an educated guess as to sexual needs and libido.  I can see how different communication styles improve or ruin an existing rapport.”  In short, I can give an astrological outlook on a relationship but not on LOVE.

My explanation has always been vague around the concept of  “love is too tsublime”, but I have always wondered why does it escape my astrological eye, besides the obvious that there are several kinds of love: the unconditional love of a parent, the gentle but not unconditional love of a grandparent, the passionate love between adults, the flirty puppy love of teenagers, the patriotic love, the love of God … etc.

And then I went to see Interstellar. Anne Hathaway playing the character of biologist Amelia Brand, at one point says

Love is the one thing we are capable of perceiving that transcends time and space.

That’s it! Our representation of the stars with a chart is a bi-dimensional affair. To draw a chart we need a time component (date and time of birth) and a space component (place of birth).  Although we use it to interpret the past and forecast the future, we are limited in the representation of something that exceeds, surpasses or transcends these two dimensions – LOVE.  I can experience love, but not represent it symbolically, yet.

Next time a client asks “Do you see love in my chart?” and can knowledgably quote Amelia Brand and explain why I cannot go beyond the two dimensions …. until I learn to draw a chart in a tesseract


format and evolve to live in an environment similar to the multidimensional library that Cooper used to transcend time and space in order to communicate with his daughter.

Until then, it is better to love, love with your heart and your soul (another thing we cannot see in the chart) than to ask questions about it.

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  1. susana loubet says:

    Não necessito de ver o filme para concordar com a Luísa, mas vou ver na mesma :) até lá, durante e depois de,vou amar com todo o meu ser :) Obrigada!

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