Diana Nyad / Francisco Lufinha – Astrological coincidences

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: about 3 minutes.

During the month of September two world records were broken.  Different sports but they had the SEA in common.

Francisco Lufinha, a 30 years old Portuguese kite surfer, broke the 199 miles record by kite surfing along the Portuguese Atlantic Coast from Foz do Douro to Lagos, totaling 307.5 nautical miles, equivalent to 569 km.  He spent about 29 out at sea. His first attempt was successful.

Earlier that month, the other side of the Atlantic, 64 year old Diana Nyad, swam between Havana, Cuba and Key West, Florida without a protective shark cage.  She broke the previous record of the approximate 110 miles crossing enduring a 53 hour continuous swim. It was her 5th attempt.

I wonder what these two athletes have in common apart from feeling like a fish in water at sea?

Francisco Lufinha’s mother kindly shared with me his time of birth. Diana Nyad’s is a noon chart of the day and place of birth given in her biography.

FLFrancisco LufinhaFLufinha

DNDiana NyadDNyad

Despite the years that separate them they have many astrological features in common. I first noticed Neptune’s placement. The planet Neptune, named after the Roman god who ruled the seas, is conjunct the South Lunar Node for both athletes. The South Node indicates karmic inheritance, a memory of past lives or for those who do not believe in reincarnation, the ancestral memory within the framework of the collective unconscious. This memory is similar for both. It is with Neptune, it is at sea that both of them seek the strength to pursue their evolutionary path.

I could not help but smile when I read a warning in a book by Judith Hill, an expert in astrology of the Lunar Nodes, to people who have a Neptune /South Node conjunction “Ocean swimming is dangerous.  Never swim alone.”  I do not have a high regard for astrology cookbooks that deal in generalizations. My interpretation is that Francisco and Diana felt in the depths of their souls the voice of the sea and each responded in his and her own way.

More features in common:

• Sun and Moon in Leo – the sign of the hero and heroine

• Mercury in Virgo – mental capacity for planning details so important on adventures like these

• Mars in Cancer – the planet of strength and courage in a water sign

Physiological studies show that in “marathon like” sports activities mental determination is more important than the physical energy of youth. In astrology, planets and angles in fixed signs indicate determination. Francisco has Sun and Moon in Leo, Taurus on the Ascendant and the Midheaven in Aquarius, that is, the most important points of his chart in fixed signs. Diana has Sun, Moon and Pluto in Leo, and although I cannot be sure of the angles (because do not know her time of birth) given the determination that she has demonstrated throughout her life I am convinced that she also has the Ascendant and MC  in fixed signs.

What about dates? Lufinha worked with the Hydrographic Institute to identify the window of time more favorable for ideal meteo- oceanographic conditions and certainly Diana Nyad did the same. If they had consulted an astrologer they would have found out that Mars by transit at the beginning of September was applying to Diana’s natal moon and that on September 19 the same Mars was very close to the Sun and Moon combination in Lufinha Francisco’s chart. In a two year span the dates chosen were those in which these incredible athletes felt more able to face and overcome a physical challenge. It was the Universe saying “I agree with your adventures, I will give you a little help.”

Still people out there who do not believe in astrology???

For those who believe in it I want to remind you of the next Mercury retrograde period from October 21 to  November 10 between 18 and 02 degrees of Scorpio. Reread what I wrote here and take the necessary precautions



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