• First time – lasts at least 75 – 90  minutes.  I am a client centered astrologer so I focus the consultation around your questions and concerns, using the techniques that are appropriate for YOU. My aim is to inform and empower you which is a sure road to positive change and transformation – $ 125.00
  • Updates  – average 60 minutes – $ 110.00
  • Children’s  readings  – approximately 40 minutes – $ 55.00

These sessions are for parents interested in asking questions about their children. I believe that children have their right to privacy so this type of consultation is limited to what the parents need to know to better understand the child’s needs and to communicate more effectively with the child.

Where: Sessions can be held in person, by phone or through Skype. Our dialogue will be recorded in mp3 format and a CD will be handed to you or the audio file emailed with the appropriate charts.

How to set up a consultation: email me at  with  your birth date, time and place.  Birth time is important, so please check your birth certificate, call the hospital, ask your mother. If you cannot obtain a reliable birth time I will draw a noon chart and we can still hold our session.

Once we have established a suitable time for the consultation I would need a little text from you with your questions and concerns. Remember that I am not a psychic, so please tell me a little bit about yourself. This helps me prepare prior to our session for a more effective use of our time together.

Payment:  I like to develop a relationship of trust with my clients and I believe in karma. Please pay the fee for the consultation after our session. In person clients may pay cash. Phone and Skype clients please click in one of the following buttons to make your payment using Paypal:

First time: Updates: Children´s readings:
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After the consultation: If after listening to the recording another question arises, feel free to email me one or two questions without further payment.

Yearly updates are strongly recommended as a one time consultation can only cover a small section of your life. The chart is like a road map – it requires checking several times at intersections.


Client commentaries

Obrigada, gracias, grazie, thank you!!  Thanks again a million for your ever-amazing guidance and for the cosmic pep talk!  It was just what the doctor ordered.  I feel so blessed to have you in my life!   JL, Mexico City and the World

I wish to thank you very-very much for this wonderful consultation, for your generosity with your time and patience and for the wonderful insights that you communicate in a way that is enlightening, confirming and inspiring all at once. I have received the technical information that I needed to understand better why I’m thinking and feeling the way I do, and now I’m much more encouraged and inspired to proceed with my professional dreams. MD – Bethesda MD

As this fullness approaches…I’m just descended from a 5 day trek across 8 mountains in full back pack gear…the whole hero’s journey.    Extremely difficult conditions and I made it! I remember your using the metaphor of getting ready to climb a new mountain in my life…well I made it literal. JL, Cape Cod, MA