Sports also have a zodiac sign
I really enjoy watching tennis matches.  I am especially enthusiastic about the Grand Slams. I follow the successes and failures of top players like teenagers follow the lives of vampire movies stars. There are not many opportunities to watch live great champions in action, so last week I was glued to the television watching the […] Read more – ‘Sports also have a zodiac sign’.
Wonders of Astrocartography –the World Cup (still) and the Ukraine
Mundane Astrology is the study of the impact of planetary motions in global, national  or collective events. For this type of astrology we avail ourselves to the horoscopes of nations, the charts of solstices and equinoxes as well as charts of eclipses and the New Moon and Full Moon. The basis of personal astrology is […] Read more – ‘Wonders of Astrocartography –the World Cup (still) and the Ukraine’.
Diana Nyad / Francisco Lufinha – Astrological coincidences
During the month of September two world records were broken.  Different sports but they had the SEA in common. Francisco Lufinha, a 30 years old Portuguese kite surfer, broke the 199 miles record by kite surfing along the Portuguese Atlantic Coast from Foz do Douro to Lagos, totaling 307.5 nautical miles, equivalent to 569 km.  […] Read more – ‘Diana Nyad / Francisco Lufinha – Astrological coincidences’.