Capricorn / Saturn

This astrologer’s resolutions for the New Year:
1.To use the energy of the Sun to be generous and not pretentious   2.To use the energy of the Moon to listen with my heart and not to be offended   3. To use the energy of Mercury to communicate love and not to gossip   4. To use the energy of Venus to […] Read more – ‘This astrologer’s resolutions for the New Year:’.
Astro Garden
A future great astrologer, C.G., observed that it is a shame that my astrological garden can no longer  be seen on my site. The site has changed because my life has changed and, in fact, the astrological garden created around our house in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, possibly no longer exists. In August 2013 we sold […] Read more – ‘Astro Garden’.
Be all you can be
“Be all you can be” is a very appealing idea. Incidentally it was used for many years by the United States Army as recruiting slogan; precisely because it makes us dream, wish for a life full of realized potential. Who does not want to bring to fruition one’s talents? Today the Sun enters the sign […] Read more – ‘Be all you can be’.
Simplicity around the Zodiac
A few days ago, a friend discussed the topic “to be or not simple”. Interesting theme … anything but simple. I asked several people what “simple” meant for them and got very different answers. • Contrary to complicated, concept that no one has trouble defining. • Opposite to cluttered, to loaded with excessive accessories. • […] Read more – ‘Simplicity around the Zodiac’.
To strip under Saturn in Scorpio
Sorry readers…  I am not going to talk about striptease or any other method of removing clothes.  However, I found myself using this verb quite a lot while talking with a friend astrologer about people who are going through hard times. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary to strip can also mean: to deprive of […] Read more – ‘To strip under Saturn in Scorpio’.
The wisdom of living in the present
I like making lists. On my birthday I made one more – The top days of my life. the best New Year’s Eve (Rincon, Puerto Rico 2001) the best beach day (Meco, Summer 1983) the birthday (Santorini, 2000), etc.. I also have a bucket list. The first list refers to the past and the second […] Read more – ‘The wisdom of living in the present’.