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I am not surprised by this idea, on the contrary … we are body and spirit; each physical incarnation has consequences on the lives of others, children, family, friends, future generations, through direct connections or through the work the legacy we have left behind. But I had never gave it serious thought. In the case […] Read more – ‘IS A CHART ACTIVE AFTER DEATH?’.
Diary of an Astrologer
The “Diário de uma Astróloga” is in bookstores in  Portugal!  It will be translated into English.  Expect the “Diary of an Astrologer” to be available as an ebook by Fall 2015. If you speak Portuguese you like it order either on Bertrand Online  or Good reading!  Your feedback is very much appreciated! Visit my facebook page, […] Read more – ‘Diary of an Astrologer’.
This astrologer’s resolutions for the New Year:
1.To use the energy of the Sun to be generous and not pretentious   2.To use the energy of the Moon to listen with my heart and not to be offended   3. To use the energy of Mercury to communicate love and not to gossip   4. To use the energy of Venus to […] Read more – ‘This astrologer’s resolutions for the New Year:’.
When you have worked a lot on yourself, when you are engaged in the difficult path of self-knowledge, then… you can talk to horses
Pluto transits in aspect to natal planets and angles are possibly the strongest ones in our life. Pluto, despite being physically small and distant, is astrologically very strong.  Its orbit around the Sun is slow, 248 years, so the effects of a Pluto transit to a planet or angle natal will be felt for 2-3 […] Read more – ‘When you have worked a lot on yourself, when you are engaged in the difficult path of self-knowledge, then… you can talk to horses’.
Insterstellar – The answer to an astrological question
Friends had told me that Interstellar was a really good movie, which it is, but I never thought that I would hear Anne Hathaway articulate the answer to an important question that my clients often formulate. “Do you see love in my chart?” Since I cannot see love, I answer this way: “I can see […] Read more – ‘Insterstellar – The answer to an astrological question’.
Intelligence agencies do not know astrology
Last weekend I attended a symposium entitled “Reality exceeds Fiction: Beyond Big Brother”, held in Lisbon, Portugal. I suspected that we were already experiencing the scenario depicted by George Orwell in 1949 in the novel  “1984”, but I left convinced that we live in a society where the institutional powers, under the guise of protection, […] Read more – ‘Intelligence agencies do not know astrology’.
Mars Pluto – war, violence, aggression
Mars and Pluto, both rulers of Scorpio, are right now very close to each other up there in the sky.  This is not an unusual astronomic event; these two planets meet up in the sky once every two years as Mars has a 687 day orbit and Pluto has a very slow orbit of 248 […] Read more – ‘Mars Pluto – war, violence, aggression’.
Shame – a powerful feeling
Tomorrow the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio; hours later, so does Venus, and minutes later the Moon completes the trio. Before the day is over, we have a New Moon in Scorpio which coincides with one of the two annual solar eclipses. In the span of one day, the civilized, well behaved, mentally clear […] Read more – ‘Shame – a powerful feeling’.
One-on-one relationships – an astrological cheat sheet
This cheat sheet is for everyone who wants to live fully their main relationship, for those who want to have greater satisfaction with their significant other, for everyone engaged in the path of self-knowledge, since without relationships, it is incomplete. Relationships occupy much of an astrological consultation, and now, with the North Node, the Sun […] Read more – ‘One-on-one relationships – an astrological cheat sheet’.
Astrology: determinism vs. free will
Many of my astrological consultations begin like this: In other words, I’m paraphrasing Shakespeare: This dialogue reveals deeper questions which are the subject of endless philosophical and religious debates. The agents of fate, the divinities who manipulated the threads of our lives, the Moirai, were important figures in Greek mythology. But, in summary, the questions […] Read more – ‘Astrology: determinism vs. free will’.
Sports also have a zodiac sign
I really enjoy watching tennis matches.  I am especially enthusiastic about the Grand Slams. I follow the successes and failures of top players like teenagers follow the lives of vampire movies stars. There are not many opportunities to watch live great champions in action, so last week I was glued to the television watching the […] Read more – ‘Sports also have a zodiac sign’.
Astro Garden
A future great astrologer, C.G., observed that it is a shame that my astrological garden can no longer  be seen on my site. The site has changed because my life has changed and, in fact, the astrological garden created around our house in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, possibly no longer exists. In August 2013 we sold […] Read more – ‘Astro Garden’.
Have you looked at the sky lately? Tomorrow is an excellent opportunity to do so, because the supermoon show is worth it! This summer we were granted 3 consecutive supermoons. The first was on the 12th of July, the best on the 10th of August and the third will be on the 9th of September. […] Read more – ‘Supermoons’.
Wonders of Astrocartography –the World Cup (still) and the Ukraine
Mundane Astrology is the study of the impact of planetary motions in global, national  or collective events. For this type of astrology we avail ourselves to the horoscopes of nations, the charts of solstices and equinoxes as well as charts of eclipses and the New Moon and Full Moon. The basis of personal astrology is […] Read more – ‘Wonders of Astrocartography –the World Cup (still) and the Ukraine’.
Jupiter in Leo – a guide for next year
Today we have a remarkable astrological event. Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system in its orbit around the Sun, changes sign, enters Leo leaving behind Cancer. The length of Jupiter’s orbit is 12 years, therefore,  it spends a year in each sign. Jupiter symbolizes optimism, opportunities and even luck, but above all faith […] Read more – ‘Jupiter in Leo – a guide for next year’.
• At school – the multiplication table … 8 X 8 = 64 • For the esoteric … 64 = 43 represents the four elements elevated to the third power, in full expansion • In China – the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching • In India – the 64 forms of Shiva • In […] Read more – ‘Sixty-four’.
Twins – same chart, different personality
My 7 year old twin grandchildren, Alice and Oliver, spent a few days with me, which gives me great pleasure as a grandmother … but as an astrologer, it is fascinating to witness the development of their personalities. They were born on April 27, 2007, 1 minute apart. They are fraternal twins with different genetic […] Read more – ‘Twins – same chart, different personality’.
Be all you can be
“Be all you can be” is a very appealing idea. Incidentally it was used for many years by the United States Army as recruiting slogan; precisely because it makes us dream, wish for a life full of realized potential. Who does not want to bring to fruition one’s talents? Today the Sun enters the sign […] Read more – ‘Be all you can be’.
Laying the Cornerstone
For the first time in life we are going to build a house. My husband and I remodeled different houses in the past, but building from scratch is a new experience for both of us. On Monday, May 5th at 9:30 am, we marked the beginning of the construction of our future home with a […] Read more – ‘Laying the Cornerstone’.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Today I chose to remember Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a writer who gave me hours of literary pleasure. I followed the saga of the Buendia family in “One Hundred Years of Solitude”,  Fermina ‘s love life in “Love in a Time of Cholera “,  Santiago Nasar postponing his date with destiny in “Chronicle of a Death […] Read more – ‘Gabriel Garcia Marquez’.
Simplicity around the Zodiac
A few days ago, a friend discussed the topic “to be or not simple”. Interesting theme … anything but simple. I asked several people what “simple” meant for them and got very different answers. • Contrary to complicated, concept that no one has trouble defining. • Opposite to cluttered, to loaded with excessive accessories. • […] Read more – ‘Simplicity around the Zodiac’.
MH 370 – The Astrology of the missing plane
This post was written today, hours before the official confirmation that the debris found in the marked area belong to flight MH 370. It has been more than two weeks since the Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 disappeared. The mystery persists! The telephone conversations of heads of state can be heard and our emails read […] Read more – ‘MH 370 – The Astrology of the missing plane’.
As I am writing rain is falling outside.  It has been raining and raining and raining.  I am now in Portugal where the temperatures are mild but storm after storm has been hitting the coast.  A storm named Ruth, another named Hercules but the feeling of the population is best expressed by the cartoon character […] Read more – ‘Astrometereology’.
Symbols, namely sabian symbols
Symbols are powerful tools.  They are keys that open the gates to our mental and emotional worlds.  They drive our imagination forward and when they touch unused psychological switches they might even lead us into new roads. Astrology, as practiced nowadays, is a symbolic language. We use geometric symbols to indicate signs and planets.  The […] Read more – ‘Symbols, namely sabian symbols’.
New Year, New Life, New Moon
Every year round this time I re-read the “Instructions for Life” by the Dalai Lama.  Non pretentious practical wisdom and since there are 19 of them, even if I forget a few, some will stick with me! Here they are: 1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. 2. When […] Read more – ‘New Year, New Life, New Moon’.
The lengthy transit of Mars in Libra – Part II – Relationships
In the previous article I addressed the impact of Mars in our health, specially the effects of the exceptionally long transit of Mars in the sign of Libra from Dec 7, 2013 to July 26, 2014, on people with natal Mars in Aries.  The planet Mars, named after the god of war, represents in our […] Read more – ‘The lengthy transit of Mars in Libra – Part II – Relationships’.
The lengthy transit of Mars in Libra – Part I – Health
Mars is the planet of primal energy; it represents the will and capacity to survive, the principle of action, affirmation and aggression.  Competition, sports and sex are matters related to Mars as well as fighting and conquering. Iron is the metal ruled by Mars, planet named after the god of war, which archetypally is linked […] Read more – ‘The lengthy transit of Mars in Libra – Part I – Health’.
The Globonauts
In two days’ time the Sun enters Sagittarius. That’s good news, as these last few weeks have been heavy with so many planets in Scorpio, several eclipses and stressful aspects between major energies. If Scorpio is crisis, Sagittarius is light at the end of the tunnel. If Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) is intensity and obsession, […] Read more – ‘The Globonauts’.
To strip under Saturn in Scorpio
Sorry readers…  I am not going to talk about striptease or any other method of removing clothes.  However, I found myself using this verb quite a lot while talking with a friend astrologer about people who are going through hard times. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary to strip can also mean: to deprive of […] Read more – ‘To strip under Saturn in Scorpio’.
Solar Eclipse – November 3, 2013 – 11° 15’ Scorpio
Some facts: Eclipses occur every six months and come mostly in pairs: one lunar and one solar 14 days apart. Lunar eclipses happen on a Full Moon when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon.  The last one happened on October 18/19 depending on where you are on the globe.  Lunar eclipses can […] Read more – ‘Solar Eclipse – November 3, 2013 – 11° 15’ Scorpio’.
Diana Nyad / Francisco Lufinha – Astrological coincidences
During the month of September two world records were broken.  Different sports but they had the SEA in common. Francisco Lufinha, a 30 years old Portuguese kite surfer, broke the 199 miles record by kite surfing along the Portuguese Atlantic Coast from Foz do Douro to Lagos, totaling 307.5 nautical miles, equivalent to 569 km.  […] Read more – ‘Diana Nyad / Francisco Lufinha – Astrological coincidences’.
Why did you become an astrologer?
This is a question that I am asked often by clients, friends and acquaintances.  My answer depends on their level of understanding of astrology, how much time I have and obviously my mood.  It can have elements of esoterism, spirituality, technicalities of my own chart, etc. However, the short version is…. because of my son. […] Read more – ‘Why did you become an astrologer?’.
Star of David
This horrid Mercury retrograde period is about to end on July 21. I was badly affected because I had no choice but to schedule the sale of our home, an intercontinental move, and several flights for myself and family while Mercury was in retrograde motion.  Communications problems galore as expected and even some that were […] Read more – ‘Star of David’.
The wisdom of living in the present
I like making lists. On my birthday I made one more – The top days of my life. the best New Year’s Eve (Rincon, Puerto Rico 2001) the best beach day (Meco, Summer 1983) the birthday (Santorini, 2000), etc.. I also have a bucket list. The first list refers to the past and the second […] Read more – ‘The wisdom of living in the present’.
Yin and Yang in March / April
  The first reference to Yin and Yang appears on the “I Ching” or the Book of Changes around 700 B.C..  It states that all phenomena can be reduced to the dicotomy of Yin / Yang.  Astrology is no exception. Yin is connected with Earth and Water whereas Yang is connected with Fire and Air. […] Read more – ‘Yin and Yang in March / April’.
My favorite Aquarians
If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.  Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Henry David Thoreau, Walden Here are some of my favorites: Read more – ‘My favorite Aquarians’.