I am not surprised by this idea, on the contrary … we are body and spirit; each physical incarnation has consequences on the lives of others, children, family, friends, future generations, through direct connections or through the work the legacy we have left behind. But I had never gave it serious thought. In the case […] Read more – ‘IS A CHART ACTIVE AFTER DEATH?’.
Insterstellar – The answer to an astrological question
Friends had told me that Interstellar was a really good movie, which it is, but I never thought that I would hear Anne Hathaway articulate the answer to an important question that my clients often formulate. “Do you see love in my chart?” Since I cannot see love, I answer this way: “I can see […] Read more – ‘Insterstellar – The answer to an astrological question’.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Today I chose to remember Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a writer who gave me hours of literary pleasure. I followed the saga of the Buendia family in “One Hundred Years of Solitude”,  Fermina ‘s love life in “Love in a Time of Cholera “,  Santiago Nasar postponing his date with destiny in “Chronicle of a Death […] Read more – ‘Gabriel Garcia Marquez’.
The Zodiac in Downton Abbey
There are many reasons for the success of “Downton Abbey”: the quality of the script, the acting, the end of an era appeal, the “glamour” of the inaccessible, etc.. But if the characters and plot express well the characteristics of the planets and signs of the zodiac, a broad audience finds commonalities and the popularity […] Read more – ‘The Zodiac in Downton Abbey’.