Be all you can be

by Luiza Azancot. Average Reading Time: about 2 minutes.

“Be all you can be” is a very appealing idea. Incidentally it was used for many years by the United States Army as recruiting slogan; precisely because it makes us dream, wish for a life full of realized potential. Who does not want to bring to fruition one’s talents?

Today the Sun enters the sign of Gemini, my Sun sign, and with the versatility it confers me, I leave the military and remember this poster by Peter Max (1969), a pop artist of the hippies era.  To the slogan, he adds “read “.

Peter Max

To read, to gather information, to acquire knowledge, to stimulate the mind are the archetypal needs of the sign of Gemini. That is the reason why I like the poster. I need to read in order to reach my full potential.

But Gemini is only 1/12th of the zodiac, and to be all we can be, we must also live the energy of other 11 signs. The birth chart is a mandala, a circle, a whole. The 360° of the zodiac is divided into twelve proportional sections as shown on the image, but in psychological terms, for every individual, the signs have different weight and importance. To be ALL that we can be, we must find expression in our lives for the needs and characteristics of ALL signs in their appropriate amount.


And here the difficulties begin. The needs and characteristics of our sun sign, with few exceptions, are easily accessible. The other signs, especially those incompatible with the more conscious part of our psyche, will require work … And there is another trick – all the energies of the zodiac exist on a continuum and can therefore be expressed in a positive or negative manner.  The positive expression is implied in the phrase “Be all you can be “.

Here are some considerations on the gray areas of each sign:

Aries – when does assertiveness and the ability to be autonomous turn into aggression?

Taurus – when does calmness, stability and persistence become stubbornness and refusal to accept changes?

Gemini – when does versatility and the ability to multi – task slide into dilettantism and inability to master one skill?

Cancer – when does being affectionate, protective and maternal turn into dependency or clingy sentimentality?

Leo – when does confidence and self -esteem become arrogance, pomposity and narcissism?

Virgo – when does being useful to others and being capable of critical analysis slip into being a busy body and finicky?

Libra- when are good manners and wanting to make the right decision transformed into superficiality and indecision?

Scorpio – when does intensity and passion grow into manipulation and obsession?

Sagittarius – when does the search for truth and being optimistic turn us into demagogues   and people that ignore risk?

Capricorn – when does the quest for perfection and the ability to be disciplined become excessive structure and dictatorial control.

Aquarius – when does the need for innovation and liberation slide into being an oddball and emotionally detached?

Pisces – when does imagination and the need to transcend the material world transmute into mental confusion and escapism from the realities of everyday life?


To be all you can be this month foster the energy of Gemini.  Read!


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